About Us

My name is Britnie, I am the owner of The Autumn Fox. I started my small business out of my kitchen simply making cold process soap. We have since expanded into all the products you see in our shop today. When we originally started this business it was myself and my husband, however as of this year my husband has had to go to working nights which means I am running this business solo. I have worked hard to get myself to the top of google without paying like some big businesses do. 

I am a full time manager to a finance company during the day (830am to 8pm), fully time medical student, full time mom, and then running this small business. It's rough but it's why our hours are the way they are set and why my chat is disabled during some times and no phone number. 

We have disabled the review feature because of death threats against my kids...they are only 13, 7, and 5 at the time of writing this and are my world. I can get being upset with me as a business owner but they are innocent in all matters.  Updated 08/10/2022

Meet The Team

Britnie - Owner Jeremy - Co Owner  Newest Staff Member

I'm Britnie, I am currently a head manager of a finance company and full time medical student. I have 3 wonderful children who are my world and twin angel babies. I started the Autumn Fox from my kitchen table making soap and continued to expand. We used to go months without orders and now I get excited everytime I get the notification that someone picked my small business.




Jeremy is my spouse. While he works overnights currently and not able to help as much as before. He was the main reason for how quickly we were getting everything out previously. He handled the communications, he handled pulling all items and putting them into our order bins so I would just come home and bust the orders out and get them out. Now though, he makes sure the house is clean and dinner done so I can focus on school and orders.  Introduction Coming Soon!
Zack Ali Emma

Zack is our 12 year old who absolutely loves to help me out with putting together your orders, by either grabbing an item for it, putting the label on your bag, adding a free surprise gift or stckers or even putting keychains together when we are super busy..he will come downstairs and say "Mom, do you need any help with anything, I'm bored and want to spend time with you!" So those random extras you get in your package? Most likely he snuck them in there! 








Ali is our 7 year old who spends her time down in the work area with us talking our ear off, shoving random stickers or pompom keychains into your packages or playing with her dolls while we are all downstairs working. She doesn't stay down there a lot though because she doesn't like the idea of spiders or thinks us working is "boring". Thats okay though! When we get super busy she finds our sticker bin and shoves them in bags to be silly (Sometimes its handfuls!)







Emma is our 5 year old, she is my biggest helper next to her big brother. She doesn't know the terms for some of the items but she knows which pretty bag mommy is asking for or which whistle to grab when I need one. She likes to help put the labels on the packages, she also likes to hug every package before we send it "I'm sending your customers hugs!" She will come trotting downstairs when we are working and ask if she can help. I never tell her no simply because if she is only 5 and already wanting to help she will develope a good work ethic when she is grown up. (Middle)


Meet The Mascots

Luna Lucky Penny

Luna is our lazy shelter kitty. We got her 4 years ago on Emmas birthday. She is Emma's cat but also a footwarmer when its cold in the basement and I am working on orders. She is also why you might see kitty bites in the corner of boxes.




Lucky is the kitty that who will be in my face while I am putting your keychain together (Pardon his orange hair). He will sit on our bubble mailers or in the basket that we hold all our knuckles and tasers. Which is why you might see his hair.




Penny is my sons kitty, she came to us after his kitten passed away from health complications and is the one who has to inspect your order before it goes into the box or bag if shes around. If I don't let her sniff she is trying to crawl into the bag or box to make sure everything is to her liking. She is a torti shell and another shelter kitty.


Sage Onyxia Bellatrix 

Sage is my personal service dog in training. We purchased her as a puppy due to my sever social anxiety and headaches. She is a purebred german shepherd and is at my hip at all times. She was originally bred for bite work but due to having both American Show Line and Eastern Working Line had the ability to go any direction.



Ony is a special kitty and our outside kitty due to her huge dislike for being trapped inside unless its cold then she comes in. She was a stray cat who our old neighbors used to try to teach their dog and encourage their dog to attack her. We started feeding her and eventually got her inside, she didn't get along well with the other cats but loved her cuddles. We have had her for 3 years and she comes when called.

Bella is a rescue kitty who is currently pregnant. We found her hiding in our garage after a storm and took her in (She is Ali's cat). She sleeps with both our girls throughout the night by taking shifts of who she is going to sleep on. Its always a different girl each time you go to check on them. She is still skittish of adults and it makes us wonder did someone hurt her before she made her way to us.