Chargeback Policy

Due to the amount of recent "friendly fraud" and blackmail being committed we are outlining our Chargeback Policy in a more direct location. All information in this policy is outlined in the terms and conditions agreed to at checkout.

What is friendly fraud? Friendly fraud is when a dispute is issued with your credit card agency in order to obtain an item or goods for free after delivery. Blackmail is an attempt to blackmail a small business by threatening to file a chargeback if your order is not processed before the set turn around times. This is not acceptable with our company.

Our Chargeback Policy is as follows:

  • By placing your order you are agreeing to all terms and conditions set forth by The Autumn Fox. You are also agreeing that you are the rightful card holder for the payment method being used and agree that you are in fact placing this purchase yourself. By Agreeing you are giving a virtual signature of contract to the below terms. 
  • •By placing your order you agree to all terms and conditions including: You are the legal card holder for the card used at checkout, you will not file any chargeback disputes when all information provided to us matches the card being used including information such as: Billing address, ccv, card number, zip code, and name on the card. Items lost in transit (these fall under out replacement policy should they be lost in transit or damaged we will replace the items at no charge). By placing your order you agree to all terms and conditions set forth by The Autumn Fox.
  • If you order is on hold due to failure to provide a style choice, item selection, or ID verification a chargeback cannot be issued for goods not received. This is a consumer error due to not responding to the detailed status pages instructions for communication outlined on the timeline. We will NOT ship a randomized keychain to you or any other randomized item. Orders on hold no longer fall under the processing time frame and are frozen.
  • Chargeback will not be initiated due to delivery failures, packages lost in transit as these cases are no longer on our company once in the hands of USPS/UPS/FEDEX, lost in transit to international locations or held by customs.

Chargeback Procedure:

  1. Communication sent directly to the customer asking the why.
  2. No reply within one hour of communication being sent we will challenge it with the bank by submitting requested documentation.

Chargeback Win:

  1. We will continue processing the order as normal if the order has not been shipped
  2. If order has been delivered we will unfortunately flag all your information including: card number, IP address, email, and contact information as a fraud risk and no longer have the ability to purchase from us. 

Chargeback Challenge Denied:

In the event the bank denies the requested documentation and sides with the consumer we hold the right to file within small claims court for the following:

 If order has been delivered:

  • Cost of order total
  • Charge back fee of $75
  • Cost of materials used for order received
  • Cost of shipping
  • Cost of shipping materials
  • Court Costs


Ladies Choice Keychain Order Cost Total: $55.04
Fee: $75
Cost of Materials: $32.00
Shipping: 10.50 (We cover 4.32 of all shipping fees)
Shipping materials: 3.50
Court Cost Average: $160+
Total: $336.04 

 If order has not been delivered due to delays or hold status: 

Ladies Choice Keychain Order Cost Total: $55.04
Fee: $75
Court Cost Average: $160+
Total: $290.04 
Please understand, we are not interested in taking a customer to court when things can be worked out through proper communication channels and active replies to requests for information. We have the detailed status page to help customers understand the why behind their order and what is happening with it. We would rather work things out with the consumer vs go to court. 
This policy is part of our terms and conditions agreement, by agreeing to our terms and conditions you are agreeing to the above and all other polices of The Autumn Fox.