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The Autumn Fox

Witches Brew Confetti

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Try a teacupful or two of my premium Witch's Brew: Focusing on higher quality items. Lots of goodies like my soap samples , amethyst geodes, desert rose selenite, peacock ore, organic herb samples, vintage style spoons, crystal pendants, spell cards, oracle cards, tarot cards, Palo Santo sticks, apothecary stickers and witchy stickers, crystal carvings, matchbooks, tumbles, larger raw stones, seashells, spell candles, and more! It’s like a little witch kit in a bag. 

1 teacupful fills a 4 x 6 inch velvet or mesh bag
2 teacups fill a 5 x 7 inch velvet or mesh bag

Sometimes these items also come in a cute little box! This is randomly selected by my youngest daughter when she scoops your order. She will choose a box when she wants to and have us ship this way! Yes My 5 year old scoops each order herself and laughs all the time while doing it as she likes to see the random things she scoops for everyone.

Each teacup full of mix is different and random, I use a gorgeous jade colored teacup which is 8oz. 

This listing is for one 4 x6 in bag filled with mix or one 5 x 7 inch bag filled with mix.  However from time to time we throw in fun free gifts that will require your order to arrive in a bigger box!

The mystery box will come with large items, including possible tumblers, a full witch kit, witchy jewerly, candles (Made by us), Pendulum Board with crystal pendant and so much more! The value is roughly $100 for one mystery box.